Blue Fin Sushi

How to make bluefin sushi


One of the most prized raw fish in sushi is the bluefin tuna. This fish can grow to enormous proportions and is built very strong. Blue fin tuna provides the most highly prized sushi in the world. A whole tuna can sell for a couple thousand dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars. Having bluefin tuna sushi or sashimi is considered a delicacy an should not be missed if you have the chance. Most of the blue fin tuna is caught in the Atlantic ocean. A great amount of it is shipped to Japan. Thus, the prices here in America tend to be pretty high as there is not a lot of this fish out there and the demand for it is pretty high.  Many struggle to find a sushi place that offers toro. We suggest to try to find a sushi spot that is close to the ocean if you live around an area like that. Your best bet is that some sushi chef has a connection with some local fishermen.



Often times you can stumble upon some bluefin tuna at a fish mart. A piece of this tuna can run you around $15, but it is worth it for a special occasion. Making this sushi is pretty straight forward as it does not involve any rolling or nori. You can however add blue fin sushi into any sushi you like at home, but we do recommend that you try out the sashimi first so you can truly experience the flavor of the blue fin tuna! Bluefin tuna is commonly enjoyed as sashimi. Sashimi are thin raw slices of fish. The blue fin tuna’s belly is where the prime cut is. It is fatty and rich in flavor. This part of the tuna is called toro. When working with the tuna, you can actually see the oil coming from the slices of tuna. The belly has a much greater fat content than any other part of the sushi. This is why it is so prized.

To make toro sushi requires nothing but prepped sushi rice. First you must make your cuts. The video above is an excellent example of how to cut blue fin tuna, or any fish for that matter. Using a proper sharp knife, take off the skin off the tuna if there is any.  Next you will want to make your cut against the grain of the meat. You do not want the slices to thin, nor to thick. You can eat the cuts as they are for sashimi. If you want to make some sushi, grab about two pinch fulls of rice and shape them out into a oval . Simply place the slice of bluefin tuna on top and there you have it, blue fin tuna sushi! Sushi chefs do not roll this fish up because it is meant to taste the full flavor of the bluefin. Any added things like nori, avacados, etc.. would mix the flavors up. This tuna is much to rare to throw it into a roll.  If you ever get a chance to try it, either in a sushi restaurant or at home, do not miss the opportunity!

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