Shrimp Sushi

Shrimp Nigiri Sushi

shrimp sushiThis is a wonderful recipe for Shrimp Nigiri. I hope you enjoy making it and eating it as I have. You can make a few or a lot. All depends on your need. Ingredients: Wasabi Prawns or any shrimp you find at your local supermarket, cooked sushi rice, bowl of ice water, and a bowl of plain water. Unlike most sushi rolls, shrimp sushi is actually eaten cooked and not raw. The consistency of a raw shrimp is very watery and flimsy. Do not eat it raw, it will not taste good! Prepare the shrimp by removing the head of the shrimp and insert a toothpick down the back, between the legs and the flesh. This keeps the shrimp straight and prevents them from curling up as they cook.

Cooking Process: Put a pot of water on to boil. Add enough salt to taste like sea water. Once the water begins to boils add prawns, just a couple at a time. They will sink at first and rise to top once they cook about 3-5 min. Take one out make sure center is cooked.shrimp-nigiri-sushi Remove shrimp to bowl of ice to cool and stop the cooking process. The ice water will make the shrimp nice and firm. Remove toothpick, turning as you pull it out so the flesh does not stick. Peel off shell carefully, leaving tail on for decoration. Cut off the top to look neat. Cut near the front of the prawn until you hear a small pop. Slowly pry open and make the pop go all along the shrimp so that the shrimp becomes flat. Do not cut all the way through. Clean out the dirt in the shrimp by rinsing in water.

Finishing up your Shrimp: Dampen your hands with water and grab about 1 large tablespoon of rice or as big as your two fingers. Roll the rice in your hand into an egg shape. Take your index finger with the rice in your hand and grab a small amount of Wasabi. In the other hand pick up a shrimp. Put the drop of Wasabi on top of the shrimp. The wasabi will act as a sort of glue to hold the shrimp and the rice together without it coming apart. It also enhances the flavor as the shrimp can be dull tasting. Do not put too much wasabi or you will regret it right after! Then add the rice and press down without squeezing too hard. You want to roll the shrimp around the rice so that it looks like a stuffed shrimp. Continue until all shrimp are done performing the same technique in making them as before. Enjoy! You can also make simple shrimp sushi rolls if you wish. Simple take off the shell from the shrimp and place it along the rice. Add any vegetable you wish to it, and roll it like you would any other sushi roll. Slice the sushi roll into 8 pieces that are about half and inch long.

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