Yellowtail Sushi

Yellowtail Sushi Roll Recipe

hamachiYellowtail fish is also called hamachi. It is a oily rich fish that is a great paring for sushi rolls and sashimi. Hamachi is frequently caught during the winter season everywhere from California to South America. The fish is usually imported into Japan after being caught and is there on distributed around the world. Sushi restaurants obtain sushi grade yellowtail to make into sushi rolls and sashimi. It is considered very dangerous to serve non-sushi grade hamachi. Sushi grade fish is kept frozen and clean under specific guidelines to avoid any bacteria that could cause food poisoning. It is vital you obtain sushi grade yellowtail for this recipe as it is served raw.

This recipe shows a traditional way to make yellowtail sushi at home. The main ingredients are: yellowtail fillet, seaweed sheet (nori), sushi rice(already boiled), and spring onions. Take one nori sheet and cut it into half with a sharp knife. You will need a bamboo mat in order to roll this sushi. Put saran wrap around the bamboo mat. Place the nori onto the mat with the rough side facing towards you. Wet your hand before working with the sushi rice. You have to use sushi rice or short grain rice as regular long grain rice does not stick together as good. The rice should not be hot. It should be prepped with rice vinegar and salt. Grab a handful of rice and spread the rice on to the nori. You want to leave about an inch of nori Yellowtail_Scallion_Roll2exposed that has no rice on it at the top.

The yellow tail fish is cut into about 2 inch long pieces. Make sure they are not too thick. The fish is usually never seasoned nor cooked. Places the hachimi pieces onto the rice. Make sure it is spread out and not clumped together. Cut up some fresh green scallion into small pieces and sprinkle them on top of the fish. Do not put too much or you will have a hard time closing the sushi up. Carefully start rolling the bamboo mat and begin to form the roll. Keep a careful eye on the ingredients as you work the roll as sometimes it can come out from the sides if you have put too much. Tighten your roll by applying some pressure so it does not fall apart. You can now remove the bamboo mat. You should end up with a nice long tube that is your sushi roll.

Wet your sharp knife with some cold water and cut the roll in half. Make sure you wet the knife so there is less friction when you cut the roll. Cut each half roll into 4 pieces, ending up with a total of 8 sushi pieces. This recipe shows a very simple and quick way to make yellowtail sushi.Serve them in a dish and garnish with scallions. Do not forget the wasabi and ginger on the side! If you have left over yellowtail, you can make some sashimi and nigiri. Sashimi is basically thin fillets of the fish served raw. Nigiri is a thin slice of yellowtail placed upon an egg shaped ball of rice.


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