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Calories in Sushi

The really great thing about sushi is that it is pretty flexible if you are on a diet, but is sushi healthy? When comparing sushi to other possible foods that you could have for lunch or dinner, sushi is the only thing that won’t make feel you too guilty for eating. Of course there are plenty of different kinds of sushi out there that contain different ingredients and sauces.  However a low calorie feast is not off the table is you have a yearning for sushi. Did you know a roll of sushi is about one full cup of rice? The rice in sushi holds a considerable measure of starches, but if you are watching your carbs sushi can provide you a great alternative. Sushi is often times consumed without rice (sashimi), providing a sound treat without going over your daily calories.

Sashimi is thinly sliced raw fish like salmon and tuna. For example lets take a look at tuna sashimi.  Without rice one piece is only around 35 calories, but when you add rice to it, it jumps to 61 calories. Another  very popular and tasty way to avoid all of those carbohydrates  is ask for your roll to be wrapped with fresh cucumber instead of rice. This alternative is not only cuts down calories, it also is enjoyable.

How they make salmon sashimi:

Eating sushi without rice is fun and all, but most sushi calories are not actually that much, even with rice. Besides the rice, the calories in sushi can vary all depending what they come with. Salmon and tuna are a great source of protein.  It is like chicken breasts, but tastier! Fish is pretty lean, but that mayo on top sure does add on to the calorie count. Most mayo is disguised in the word spicy. Anything that says spicy on it usually has a mayo based sauce. Fish can be eaten raw, or cooked. Avoid anything fried as that will add on to your calories. Fried sushi goes by the name of tempura. Likewise goes for cream cheese.
Vegetable sushi is a very good for watching your calories.  It isn’t fried, nor does it come with cream cheese. The only thing you need to watch for is avocados since they are high in good fats but that is more calories. You can eat a pretty good amount of veggy sushi, but keep in mind of all the rice again.

The table below is a collection of many of the sushi calories we could find on the internet. These calories, fats, and proteins are for sushi roll calories. Please note that it is difficult to come up with these sushi nutrition facts because they are made by hand. Every roll can vary. These numbers are only estimates so to blame us! Note: if you are viewing this website on your phone, tilt it sideway to see more then just the calories!


Eel and Avocado RollEel_and_avocado_roll37017g31g20g
Tuna RollTuna_Roll1802g27g24g
Salmon and Avocado RollSalmon_and_Avocado_Roll3008g4213g
Spicy Tuna RollSpicy Tuna Roll29011g26g20g
California RollCalifornia Roll2557g38g9g
Yellowtail Scallion RollYellowtail_and_Scallion_Roll2453g37g15g
Tobiko and Raw Quail EggTobiko_and_Raw_Quail_Egg2742g8g11g
Shrimp Tempura RollShrimp Tempura Roll50821g64g20g
Kappa Maki Kappa_Maki1360g30g6g
Avocado RollAvocado_Roll1406g28g2g
Salmon RollSalmon Roll1344g17g7g
Rainbow RollRainbow Roll47616g50g33g
Philadelphia RollPhiladelphia Roll29012g28g14g
Blazing California RollBlazing California Roll2632g53g6g
Boston RollBoston Roll2642g53g7g
Caterpillar RollCaterpillar Roll3295g60g9g
Crispy Crab RollCrispy Crab Roll3545g51g6g
Eel RollEel Roll3714g72g10g
Atlantic Rollatlantic roll64028g78g17g
Eel Cucumber Roll eel cucumber roll 3007g46g12g
Fiery Shrimp Roll fiery shrimp roll 3408g49g17g
Vegetarian Rollvegetarian roll1804g25g3g
Hokkigai Nigiri510g9g6g
Don’t see a certain roll? Comment below and we will do some research for you and add it!

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